Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper for the hotel and restaurant

 Mystery Shopping is a specific technique based on pre-purchased purchasing services and products.

he Mystery Shopper (a fictitious customer) who is interested in services in a given operation according to a predefined scenario. At the same time, the Mystery Shopper has to look at the sales ability of the retailer. Thus, Mystery Shopping is selling shortcomings, and the quality and level of service provided to customers are assessed. The results serve to improve customer service and products.

Best businesses are not afraid to fail; but know they will use it as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the guest. 

One or two reviewers visit the meeting, who look like regular guests. Their work begins long before they arrive, since each visit is preceded by thorough preparation. During the visit, they will use the services according to the requirements of the contracting authority or, as the case may be, for the selected workers to play the prepared scene. All interactions are carefully monitored by the evaluators and recorded to help the client faithfully mediate the course of the evaluation visit. The viewer's view is unbiased, objective and trained to register the smallest detail.

The price depends on the size of the facility or business

The duration of this service is about a week - depending on the size of premises and distance

This is not a binding order. It all depends on the place of operation and the agreed time.

Money back quarantee

If I do not fulfill your expectations or simply change your mind, you do not have to worry - I guarantee the money back in full and without unnecessary questions.

You have whole 14 days to decide.