Analysis of the environment, services, food, beverages and evaluation


  • site attractiveness

  • interior - concept and style
  • decoration, details, staff reconciliation
  • sitting comfort, privacy
  • overall atmosphere, music, flowers

  • overall cleanliness, staff hygiene, toilets
  • setting - design, porcelain, silver, table cloths


  • reservations
  • availability and parking options, accessibility and accessories for disabled
  • service - behaviour, professionalism, knowledge, promptness
  • paying culture, drink and food menu, design and display

Food and Beverage

  • food quality - kitchen concept, ingredients quality
  • new trends
  • kitchen reliability, aesthetics of dishes on the plate

  • level of gastronomic creativity, daily specialties

  • proportion of the offer, alternatives, seasonal offer

  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, assortment
  • wine menu, serving wines


  • details of the truthfully presented information in your business report

  • adherence to the rules and principles of the Code of Ethics

The price depends on the size of the facility or business

The duration of this service is about a week - depending on the size of premises and distance

This is not a binding order. It all depends on the place of operation and the agreed time.

Money back quarantee

If I do not fulfill your expectations or simply change your mind, you do not have to worry - I guarantee the money back in full and without unnecessary questions.

You have whole 14 days to decide